The environment in flux influences my work and often is the direct subject.

Within that theme, two significant concepts inform my artwork across the trajectory of my multimedia career practice which includes sprayed-oil paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, video projection, writing, performance, and neon pieces. 

One is the mystery of interface, the edge or space that seemingly separates one thing or place from another. It differentiates positive from negative space, shadow from light, solid from liquid or gas. The other is my interest in ‘pentimento’, as that painting term about transparency and visual seepage is defined, which includes a deconstruction of layers.  That deconstruction declares itself as experienced moments, clumped and aggregated to form a larger whole, which then is erased, built upon, torn down, and reconstructed. Just as moments cumulate to form different days, weeks, months and years, my process cumulates layers of paint or paper, time-lapse video or other media.

            - MADELIN COIT



Whitney Center for the Arts

Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston

San Antonio Art Institute, Texas

Anchorage Museum, Alaska

LACMA, Los Angeles 

Hammer Museum, Los Angeles

Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe

Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle



The Permanent Collection of the State of New Mexico

Skirball Museum, Los Angeles  

Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe

Executive Life Insurance, Los Angeles

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Mitsui Manufacturers Bank, Los Angeles

Security Pacific Bank, Los Angeles